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U-Boot Type XXI in Detail

Part 5

n Text by Frank Spahr
n Photos by Frank Spahr

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View into the galley, showing detail of the stove with copper extractor hood. Although cramped, kitchen facilities such as this were something that crews of a type VIIC U-Boot could only dream about.


What would you expect to find at the galley's roof? Yepp, you guessed it - more valves and plumbing.


Oxygen generator in the galley.


Detail of fresh water supply for the galley.


Continuing down the aft walkway, we find this large valve for Dieselluft Kopfventil (air supply for diesel engines). An unmistakable sign that the engine room is nearby!


The bulkhead between petty officers´ quarters and diesel engine room.


Control panel for batteries


Astern of the control room and galley there are more living rooms for the petty officers; German postwar submarines were manned only by officers and petty officers, there were no enlisted men on board. Basically, all German submarines have been manned by volunteers only.


Petty officers´ quarters...


... and the similar petty officers' compartment at the opposite side.


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