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December 2008

The Christmas Special av Det Gamla Trollet
En av våra medlemmar kåserar fantasifullt runt jultomten och hans förehavanden kring Julen, under pseudonymen Det Gamla Trollet.


September 2008

Type 10 or Else - Modelling the Polikarpov I-16 of Fiodor Zakharowitch Kalugin
Tomasz Gronczewski researches and reconstructs the aircraft of the VVS fighter ace.

Tech Tips: Bare Metal and USAF Aircraft
Rafi-Ben Shahar delivers some useful pointers on achieving good bare metal finishes on aircraft models.

Academy 1/72 Curtiss SB2C-4 Helldiver
Mark Davies reviews one of the current top 1/72 kits from Academy.

Legato 1/72 Letov S.139
A lesser known quirky looking aircraft and a resin kit from a lesser known manufacturer amount to double the fun. By Mark Davies.


June 2008

Road to Hell - An Old-School Bridge Layer From the Future
Stellan Englund's head-first dive into the possibilities of the Warhammer 40K series produces a spectacular mobile bridge.

Early British Jets - Part 1: Gloster's Contribution
Raul Hrubisko documents the history of British entry into the jet era - with a collection of 1/72 models.

Early British Jets - Part 2: de Havilland and Others
The second part of Raul's illustrated feature covers the de Havilland Vampire and an array of experimental jet aircraft.

Mark's Model Plane Miscellany - Hobby Boss Mikoyan & Gurevich Mig-3
Mark Davies dremels out the simple Hobby Boss kit and shows how to add in all the extra detail it needs.

Short Run, Long Hours and Modelling Economics
Rafi-Ben Shahar's essay on pros and cons of short run modelling.


May 2008

Alpha Jet Jaguar
Ricardo Dacoba's epic project recreating one of the spectacular Tiger Meet camouflages.

Tamiya's Great Swordfish - Bang for the Buck Part VII
Rafi-Ben Shahar explains why the Tamiya's complex Swordfish represents excellent value for money.

Eve of Alamein
A small diorama project by Maurice Mofett.

Camouflage & Markings: B-24J Cocktail Hour and the New Hasegawa B-24 Kit
Alan Griffith's analysis of the famous Consolidated B-24J Liberator of the 5th Air Force.


April 2008

Tech Tips: Henschel Hs-129B and the Magic of Buffing
Rafi Ben-Shahar reveals the benefits of buffing.

The Braille Experience - Emhar 1/72 Whippet Medium Tank
A small scale classic World War I tank modelled by Mark Davies.

IPMS Open 2008 Photo Gallery
A photo review of this month's Swedish national modelling competition under the auspices of IPMS Sweden.


March 2008

Tamiya M20 Armored Utility Car
Serge Haelterman presents his elaboration on the M8 Greyhound theme

Too Much Weathering?
Can there be such a thing as too much weathering? Rafi Ben-Shahar experiments with the help of his 1/48 Me 163 models.

Mark's Model Plane Miscellany - Special Hobby Bell XP-77
Mark Davies returns with a model of this rather esoteric Bell fighter.

Accurate Miniatures SDB-3 Dauntless
This acclaimed Accurate Minitures kit may be a challenge for beginners, but is well worth your learning time. By patbes33.


January 2008

The art of diorama composition explained and illustrated by Jonas Dahlberg.

Building Xtrakit Spitire Mk. XII - Part 1 - Construction
Magnus Fridsell presents a pictorial review of this newest injection-moulded 1/72 Spitfire kit.

Building Xtrakit Spitire Mk. XII - Part 2 - Painting and Finishing
Magnus Fridsell demonstrates the application of camouflage and markings on the Xtrakit Spitfire.

Low Viz Camouflage Variations and Colour Accuracy
Rafi Ben-Shahar explains why matching the colours with decals is more important than colour accuracy.

Mark's Model Plane Miscellany - Airfix 1/72 Britten Norman Islander
The best-selling commercial aircraft produced in Western Europe was only ever kitted by Airfix. By Mark Davies.


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