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Urban's Colour Reference Charts

n by Urban Fredriksson & Martin Waligorski

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Humbrol Enamels

Humbrol is one of the oldest model paint brands in Europe. Humbrol number are traditionally referred to in paint instructions of Matchbox, Airfix, Heller, MPM and other contemporary East European manufacturers.

In late 1990s Humbrol has moved to the much improved Super Enamel range. The Super Enamel paints use the same colour numbers, but have refined formula with very small pigment more suitable for airbrush application. However, with the introduction of Super Enamel some of the old colours losted in this chart have been discontinued.

Humbrol provides a Colour System Binder which contains instructions of how to interblend the paints of the Super Enamel range to obtain the discontinued shades as well as selected authentic colours.

In the chart below, the annotation "Discontinued" in the Comment column means that the corresponding paint number had been available in the traditional range of Humbrol enamels, but not in the Super Enamel range.

This chart has been last revised in September 2006
Colour name Comment FS Tamiya Xtracolor Polly S Revell Gunze Sangyo Model Master
001 Matt Primer                
002 Emerald Green           Rev:61 GS:H26/46 MM:1524
003 Brunswick Green     T:X-5       GS:H6  
005 Dark Admirality Grey             GS:H22  
007 Light Buff                
009 Tan             GS:H27  
010 Service Brown     T:X-9     Rev:81 GS:H7/17/37 MM:1540
011 Silver     T:XF-16     Rev:90 GS:H8 MM:2734
012 Copper     T:XF-6       GS:H10 MM:1551
014 French blue     T:X-4     Rev:52 GS:H15 MM:2715
015 Midnight Blue     T:X-3     Rev:52? GS:H5/55 MM:1511
016 Gold     T:X-12     Rev:94 GS:H9 MM:1744
018 Orange     T:X-6     Rev:30 GS:H14 MM:1527
019 Bright red     T:X-7     Rev:31 GS:H3 MM:1503
020 Crimson           Rev:32 GS:H43 MM:1501
021 Gloss Black   FS:17038 T:X-1     Rev:7 GS:H12/2 MM:1747
022 Gloss White   FS:17875 T:X-2 X:X141   Rev:4 GS:H1/H316 MM:1745
023 Duck egg blue       X:X7 P:PCE71   GS:74  
024 Trainer yellow           Rev:15 (Rev:301)   MM:1569
025 Blue     T:XF-8     Rev:56 GS:H56?  
026 Khaki     T:XF-49     Rev:86 GS:H81  
027 Sea Grey     T:XF-54 X:X206 RLM 74 P:PCG84   GS:H68/75  
028 Camouflage Grey   FS:36622 T:XF-55       GS:H311? MM:1733
029 Dark Earth     T:XF-52 X:X2 P:PCE76 Rev:87 GS:H72  
030 Dark Green     T:XF-61 X:X205/X114? P:PCE75/PCG87?   GS:H73/320  
031 Slate Grey                
032 Dark grey   FS:36081   X:X129 P:500014   GS:H301  
033 Black   FS:37038 T:XF-1   P:10 Rev:8 GS:H12/77/343 MM:1583 (1749)
034 Flat White   FS:37875 T:XF-2   P:11? Rev:5 GS:H11 MM:1768
035 Clear           Rev:1 GS:30  
038 Lime     T:X-15     Rev:60 GS:H16/50  
040 Pale Grey                
041 Ivory           Rev:10 GS:H21? MM:2013
047 Sea Blue           Rev:50 GS:H45 MM:1508
048 Mediterranian blue     T:X-14     Rev:51 GS:H25  
049 Matt varnish           Rev:2 GS:H20  
050 Green mist           Rev:97 GS:H89  
051 Sunset Red           Rev:96 GS:H87 MM:1502
052 Baltic Blue     T:X-13     Rev:98 GS:H88 MM:2702
053 Gunmetal     T:X-10       GS:H76  
054 Brass           Rev:93   MM:1582
055 Bronze           Rev:95    
056 Aluminium     T:XF-56     Rev:99   MM:1781
060 Matt Scarlet     T:XF-7   P:20? Rev:36 (Rev:330) GS:H23  
061 Matt Flesh     T:XF-15     Rev:35 GS:H44  
062 Leather       X:X224 RLM 79   Rev:85 GS:H66 MM:1736
063 Sand     T:XF-59         MM:1706 (1735)
064 Light grey     T:XF-19   P:PCA806? Rev:75    
065 Aircraft Blue     T:XF-23 X:X202 RLM 65 P:PCG701 Rev:55 GS:H67  
066 Matt Olive Drab   FS:34087? T:XF-62 X:X111   Rev:66 GS:H78  
067 Matt Tank Grey           Rev:78 GS:H32?  
068 Purple     T:X-16     Rev:53 GS:H39  
069 Yellow     T:X-8     Rev:12 GS:H4 MM:1514
070 Brick Red         P:21 Rev:37    
071 Oak             GS:H85?  
072 Khaki Drill                
073 Wine     T:XF-9       GS:13  
074 Linen                
075 Matt Bronze Green     T:XF-11       GS:H36  
076 Uniform Green                
077 Matt Navy Blue             GS:H54?  
078 Cockpit Green   FS:34226?     P:PCA801      
079 Blue Grey           Rev:77 (Rev:378)    
080 Grass Green                
081 Pale yellow     T:XF-4          
082 Orange Lining                
083 Ochre     T:XF-57          
084 Matt Mid Stone     T:XF-60 X:X9 P:PCE73   GS:H71  
085 Coal Black   FS:27038 T:X-18     Rev:9 (Rev:302) GS:H12?  
086 Light Olive           Rev:45    
087 Steel grey     T:XF-25          
088 Deck Green           Rev:48    
089 Middle Blue                
090 Beige Green     T:XF-21       GS:H31  
091 Matt Black Green     T:XF-27 X:X204 RLM 70 P:PCG86 Rev:67 GS:H65?  
092 Matt Iron Grey     T:XF-22   P:PCG83 Rev:79 GS:H70  
093 Desert Yellow             GS:H79/346  
094 Brown Yellow           Rev:88 (Rev:16, Rev:314)    
095 Concrete Discontinued              
096 RAF Blue     T:XF-50          
097 EggShell Discontinued     X:X140 P:PCA817   GS:H311  
098 Chocolate     T:XF-10          
099 Lemon Yellow     T:XF-3          
100 Red Brown                
101 Mid Green     T:XF-5     Rev:364    
102 Army Green                
103 Cream                
104 Matt Oxford Blue     T:XF-17       GS:H55  
105 Marine Green   FS:34097   X:X115 P:PF53 Rev:361 GS:H340 MM:1712
106 Ocean Grey           Rev:47 (Rev:57)    
107 WW1 Purple Discontinued         Rev:32 (Rev:38, Rev:383) GS:H86?  
108 WW1 Green Discontinued   T:XF-51     Rev:46    
109 WW1 Blue                
110 Matt Natural Wood             GS:H37  
111 Matt Uniform Grey             GS:H48  
112 Tarmac     T:XF-24     Rev:71    
113 Matt Rust             GS:H344  
114 Russian Green Discontinued              
115 Russian Blue Discontinued              
116 Matt US Dark Green   FS:34079 T:XF-13 RLM 71   P:500814   GS:H309/64 MM:1710
117 US Light Green   FS:34102   X:X116 P:500815   GS:H303 MM:1713
118 US Tan   FS:30219 T:XF-52? X:X102 P:PCA816 Rev:382 GS:H310 MM:1742
119 Israeli Light Earth   FS:30219 T:XF-52? X:X102 P:PCI816/874?   GS:H310  
120 Israeli Light Green   FS:34227   X:X148 P:PCI876   GS:H312 MM:1716
121 Israeli Pale Stone   FS:33531   X:X105 P:PCI875   GS:H313  
122 Israeli Light Blue Discontinued FS:35622   X:X149 P:PCI877   GS:H314 MM:1722
123 Dark Sea Grey     T:XF-57       GS:H333/335  
124 Petrol Blue Discontinued              
125 Satin US Dark Grey   FS:36118     P:500822   GS:H305 MM:1723
126 Satin US Medium Grey   FS:36270 T:XF-20 X:X133     GS:H306 MM:1725
127 US Ghost Grey   FS:36375   X:X136 P:500836   GS:H308 MM:1728
128 US Compass Grey   FS:36320   X:X135 P:PCA837 Rev:374 GS:H307/53 MM:1741
129 US Gull Grey   FS:36440     P:PCA825   GS:H325  
130 Satin White   FS:27875 T:XF-2?   P:11? Rev:301 GS:H11  
131 Satin Green                
132 Satin Red                
133 Satin Brown             GS:H33  
134 Satin Blue Discontinued         Rev:69    
135 Satin varnish                
140 Dk Gull Grey   FS:36231     P:PCA824/807?   GS:H317 MM:1740
141 Light Sea Grey Discontinued FS:36307   X:X134       MM:1726
142 Field Drab Discontinued FS:30118   X:X101 P:PCA830     MM:1702
144 Intermediate Blue   FS:35164   X:X125     GS:H42/56 MM:1720
145 Medium Grey   FS:35237   X:X126 P:PCA817   GS:H337 MM:1721
146 Aircraft Grey Discontinued FS:16473   X:X138/353 P:PCJ90?   GS:H61 MM:1731
147 Matt Light Grey   FS:36495 T:XF-14       GS:H57/338 MM:1732
148 Radome Tan   FS:33613   X:X107     GS:H318 MM:1709
149 Dark Green   FS:34092 T:XF-26 X:X114 P:50?/PCG862   GS:H302 MM:1764
150 Forest Green   FS:34127           MM:1714
151 Interior Green Discontinued FS:34151   X:X117 P:PCA821/833   GS:H58 MM:1715
153 Insignia Red   FS:31136     P:20?   GS:H327 MM:1705
154 Insignia Yellow   FS:33538   X:X106     GS:329 MM:1708
155 Olive Drab   FS:34087 T:XF-62? X:X111 P:52?   GS:H52/304 MM:1711
156 Satin Dark Grey   FS:36173? T:XF-53?   P:PCA823? (new formulation)   GS:H82?  
157 Azure Blue                
158 Interior Green Discontinued       P:PCA802?/821?/833?   GS:H58?  
159 Khaki Drab     T:XF-51?       GS:H80  
160 German Camouflage Red Brown             GS:H47  
161 US Marine Corps Green Discontinued              
162 Surface grey Discontinued FS:36559?            
163 Dark Green       X:X1?     GS:H330  
164 Dark Sea Grey   FS:36118?         GS:H331  
165 Medium Sea Grey       X:X3     GS:H335  
166 RAF Light Aircraft Grey       X:X15     GS:H332  
167 RAF Barley Grey       X:X17     GS:H334  
168 RAF Hemp Discontinued     X:X16     GS:H336  
170 Brown Bess                
171 Antique Bronze                
172 Green Discontinued   T:XF-61?       GS:H320  
173 Track Colour Discontinued              
174 Signal Red             GS:H29  
175 Hellgrau RLM 76 Discontinued              
176 Neutral Grey Light Grey Discontinued              
177 Hull Red Discontinued              
178 British Scarlet Discontinued              
179 French Artillery Green Discontinued              
180 Red Leather Discontinued              
181 Sea blue Discontinued FS:15042   X:X121       MM:1717
182 Black Grey Discontinued FS:35042           MM:1718
183 Grey Discontinued FS:16440   X:X137     GS:H315 MM:1729
184 Freigh Stock Grey Discontinued              
186 Brown   FS:30117     P:PCA/500829     MM:1701
187 Sand   FS:30277     P:PCA827     MM:1704
188 Crome Yellow Discontinued FS:13538         GS:H329 MM:1790
189 Insignia blue Discontinued FS:35044   X:X122     GS:H326 MM:1719
190 Blue Angels blue Discontinued FS:15050   X:X123     GS:H328 MM:1772
191 Chrome Silver   FS:17178   X:X142       MM:1707
192 Blaze Matt Discontinued FS:28915       Rev:25   MM:1775
193 Blaze Gloss Discontinued              
194 Saturn Yellow Gloss Discontinued         Rev:312 GS:H97  
195 Dark Green           Rev:363    
196 Light Grey           Rev:371    
197 Lufthansa Yellow Discontinued         Rev:310    
198 Lufthansa Blue Discontinued         Rev:53 (Rev:350) GS:H35?  
200 Pink     T:X-17       GS:H19  
201 Metallic Black             GS:H28  
202 Fluoroscent Aurora Pink Discontinued           GS:H99  
203 Fluoroscent Signal Green Discontinued           GS:H100  
204 Fluoroscent Matt Saturn Yellow Discontinued           GS:H97  
205 Fluoroscent Matt Fire Orange Discontinued           GS:H98  
206 Base White (with the flouroscents) Discontinued           GS:H40  
207 Aurora Pink Discontinued           GS:H99  
208 Signal Green                
209 Fire Orange             GS:H98  
220 Ferrari Red                
221 Garter Blue                
250 Desert Pink   FS:30279     P:PCA826   GS:346?  
Metalic finishes (Metalcote)
Colour name Comment FS Tamiya Xtracolor Polly S Revell Gunze Sangyo Model Master
27001 Metalcote Matt Aluminium                
27002 Metalcote Polished Aluminium                
27003 Metalcote Polished Steel                
27004 Metalcote Gunmetal                
8191 Metalcote Satin Bronze                
Clear finishes
Colour name Comment FS Tamiya Xtracolor Polly S Revell Gunze Sangyo Model Master
91321 Clear Red                
91322 Clear Orange                
91325 Clear Green                

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