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Detailing the 1/48 North American B-25J Mitchell Series

n by Rafi Ben-Shahar

Most of us modelling 1/48 WW2 aircraft know the difference between the old Revell\Monogram and the newer Accurate Miniatures kits. While the Monogram B-25 kits looks good when completed, a close scrutiny reveals elevated panel lines and conspicuous seams, in particular between the transparent parts and the respective base.

I present here an attempt to revamp the Monogram B-25 to the high standard Accurate Miniatures kit. In performing such an exercise you may gain twice. One, complete a high quality late B-25 model that is not available from another model manufacturer. Second, be satisfied with models that price less than half of the Accurate Miniatures kits. And, the less you pay, the more you build. Right?

B-25D built from Accurate Miniatures kit

The first kit is a typical out of the box Accurate Miniatures B-25D that leaves very little room for improvement judging by the lack of after market products other than decal options that came out after these kits saw the light of the day.

The main drawback of the Monogram kit is its raised surface detail. I have eliminated raised panel lines by some gentle sanding, and then went about scribing new lines instead.  Adding rivets lines following the patterns of the Accurate Miniatuers kit finished the job, and I am quite pleased with the visual effect of this treatment.

 The rest of the B-25J versions pictured here were upgraded by:

  • Adding wing reinforcers using sliced plastic rods.
  • Adding the appropriate plumbing on the main undercarriage.
  • Hollowing exhaust outlets.
  • Repositioning flying surfaces.

Convinced to make a try?


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