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Camouflage & Markings

Colours of the Dutch Air Force

Part 3: Appendices

n by Bouko de Groot

This the third and final part of our series covering finishes and colours used throughout the history of Dutch military aviation. Please refer to Colours of the Dutch Air Force - Part 1: Aircraft of the Koninklijke Luchtmacht (KLu) - Royal Air Force and Colours of the Dutch Air Force - Part 2: Aviation of the Dutch Navy and the Colonies for history of finishes and colours used in Dutch military aviation. This final section is devoted to national insignia and aircraft types used by the Dutch military.

National Insignia

The Dutch word for roundel is rozet. National insignia travelled from roundel, to another roundel, to ring, triangle, flag and back to that other roundel.

Regulations were not always followed, especially on wings and on planes delivered shortly after a change. Main colours were orange, red, white and blue, identical or close to:

Colour name English equivalent Location & Type Fed.Std RAL Humbrol Xtracolour
Rood red see below *1105 3000 19 31
Wit white see below *7875 9016 34 141
Blauw blue see below (*5065) 5010 25 30
Oranje orange see below *2246 2004 18 -


Period & Location Design Description
1914 - 1921 (NEI: 1920) 6, 8 or 10 x large orange roundels From August 1914 to April 1916, only on lower surfaces of top and bottom wings. From April 1916 these were also applied to the upper surface of the top wing and on both sides of the tail (le, ri). Some planes even had them on both sides of the fuselage, totaling 10 roundels. KNIL planes usually had them on the fuselage instead of on the tail.
1920 - 1933, NEI 6 x 4 colour roundel and 3 colour rudder To avoid confusion with the Japanese, the NEI governor  introduced this new design for both KNIL and local MLD: a circle with three equal parts, clockwise red, white, blue, plus an orange centre. Roundel positions were on each wingtip (top of upper and lower of bottom wing) and midway on the fuselage, for a total of 6. There was no regulation for the order and direction of the colours. The orange dot varied in size from 1/5 to 1/4 of the roundels diameter. Rudder was red-white-blue top to bottom, each of equal height.
1921 - 1932/34, Europe 6 x 4 colour roundel and 3 colour rudder The NEI design was made national and sizes were standardized. Wing size was 5/6 of wing depth, fuselage 5/6 of fuselage height where it's located. On the wingtips it should be placed equal distant from all three edges. On the fuselage half way between the trailing edge of the (bottom) wing and the rudder's pivot, equal distant from top and bottom of fuselage. On the wings the red part should point forward, on the fuselage the white part downwards. Orange dot was 1/5 of the roundel's diameter size. Rudder was red-white-blue top to bottom, each of equal height. 
1932/34 - 1939 6 x 4 colour roundel and 3 colour rudder Direction of wing colours was changed: the white colour should now point backward. In the NEI all markings had to conform to this and the 1921 regulation.
1939 6 x 4 colour roundel 3 colour rudder abolished in December 1938 in Europe and in July 1939 in the NEI.
1939 experiments To avoid confusion with French and British roundels, an alternative for the roundel had to be found. During September and October on several aircraft, instead of roundel: orange roundel; orange roundel with 10 cm wide black border, 4 coloured ring (10-15 cm wide band), with each segment separated: top orange, right blue, bottom white and left red.
1939 - 1940 (Europe: "1946") 6 x orange triangle, orange rudder, all with black border From October (Europe) and December (NEI). Equal sided triangles, as large as possible (but not touching each other), pointing down- (fuselage) / backward (wing). On the wing with its point equal distant from tip and fuselage (more outward on planes with bomb racks or floats). On the fuselage half way between the trailing edge of the (bottom) wing and the rudder's pivot, equal distant from top and bottom of fuselage. Rudder was orange. Triangles and rudder had 10 cm wide black borders (pictures of orange triangle over roundel are probably 'work in progress').
Officially this scheme was also used on Dutch planes not with RAF-Europe up to 1946.
1940-1946 with RAF / RAAF RA(A)F roundels with small triangles Small triangles (not bigger than 9x6") as above placed on both sides of nose and/or sometimes on tail and even on lower of wing.
1940 - 1942 NEI 4 x orange triangle with black border During the latter half of 1940, upper wing triangles and the orange rudder were abolished. However, planes operating with the British over Singapore had (smaller) triangles repainted on their upper wings, until they returned to the NEI.
1942 - 1945 'NEI', 321 Pacific (RNMFS, WI: 1946) 4 or 6 x national flag Even the orange triangle was sometimes confused with the red rising sun, so the national flag was introduced from March 1, 1942. Flag had three horizontal bands of equal height, from top to bottom red, white, blue. Dimension of length : height was 5:3. Originally only meant for lower of wing and fuselage sides (total 4), but during the war the British (also on upper of wing, total 6) and the US (upper left, lower right, both sides fuselage, total 4) formats were also used.
For operations as part of RA(A)F or US units, planes could temporarily carry those national symbols.
1945 - 1948 NEI 6 x national flag and white band From November 1945 the flag design was standardized to 6 positions (upper and lower fo wing, both sides of fuslage) and a white band around the flag was introduced, as Indonesian rebels used a red-white flag on their planes. The white band was not used on natural finish. In August 1947 specifics for each plane model were introduced.
1946 - 1959 (KNIL: Jan '48-'50) 6 x 4 colour roundel and finflash After the war the roundel was reintroduced: a circle with three equal parts, clockwise red, white, blue, plus an orange centre. Roundel positions were on each wingtip (top of upper and lower of bottom wing) and midway on the fuselage, for a total of 6. Exact position varied but never covered ailerons. On the wings the white part should point bakcward, on the fuselage the white part downwards. Orange dot was 1/5 of the roundel's diameter size. Fuselage roundels were about halfway between trailing edge of wing and the tail. Wing roundels should be 5/6 of the wing depth at that spot, not counting the ailerons, but not larger than 150 cm, positioned equally distamt from front and back edge of wing, and not further from the tip than with its edge level with the fuselage edge of the aileron. Each type has its own specifics. Either the white part or the whole roundel could be surrounded by a thin band in another colour on a conflicting background (white, orange, etc).
The finflash was the national flag: three horizontal bands of equal height, from top to bottom red, white, blue, with length : height being 5:3. Max size. 40 x 30 cm. Position: middle of flag at 1/4 of the height of the tail above the fuselage.
On ex British aircraft the British roundels were simply overpainted and the British finflash was only replaced later in 1946.
1959 - today 4 x 4 colour roundel Roundel as before, but max. 125 and min 30 cm. Roundel is now carried on both fuselage sides behind the wing (F-104 and NF-5 in front of the wing, (K)DC-10 on tail einge) and on upper left and lower right of wing. On helicopters on both fuselage sides, behind the crew compartment (Chinook halfway) an on the fuselage bottom and (if possible) top. Finflash was abolished. Each type has its own specifics.
1980s - today 3 or 4 x 4 colour roundel, low visibility Apart from some experiments with seperated segments and two tones of grey, the 4 colour roundel was simply reduced in size to 30 cm, but only on some aircraft: F-16, light aircraft and helicopters. On operational low flying aircraft, roundels are usually misted/sprayed over with black or green.

Alphabetical Index of Aircraft Types

Last for this part of the article, a list of all aircraft types used by the Netherlands military forces from 1911 until today.

The fun of this list is that it includes planes from all over the world, operating all over the world, in many different colours. Were else can you find a Handley Page side by side with a Gotha, or a Zero with a Mustang? Or Mitchells in white, black, silver, greens, brown or blue, wearing roundels, triangles, flags, rings or crosses? From really small (Pander) to really big (B-24, DC-10), with all kinds of oddballs in between (yellow Spitfires and Fireflies ... with two cockpits?) and of course almost every kind of Fokker.

Personal favourites: the Fokker C.VIIIw, a huge brute of a parasol float plane faintly reminiscent of its D.VIII ancestor; the Martin WH-3, an under valued workhorse that outperformed all its enemy equals; and the CW-21B Interceptor, a beautiful, sleek power-machine that did not get the chance to show its talents.
Aircraft type Camouflage schemes
AEG C.IV KLu 1911-1918
Aeronca L-3B  { 'A' } Others
Aerospatiale SA-3160 Alouette III KLu 1960s-1970s, KLu 1980s-today, KLu 2004+
Agusta Bell 204B (I)UH-1 MLD 1945-today
Agusta Bell AB-412SP KLu 1980s-today
Airspeed Ofxord Mk.I, II KLu 1942-1945, KLu 1945-1953, MLD 1945-today
Albatross B.I, II, III [ Interned German ] KLu 1911-1918
Albatross C.III,VII,X [ Interned German ] KLu 1911-1918
Albatross D.III [ Interned German ] KLu 1911-1918
Ansaldo SVA.10 [ Interned Italian ] KLu 1911-1918
Aviatik C.III [ Interned German ] KLu 1911-1918
Avro 504 (-,A,B) [ Interned British ] KLu 1911-1918
Avro 504-K KNIL 1919-1935
Avro 504-K eigenbouw (=self built) KNIL 1919-1935
Avro Type 652A Anson Mk.I KLu 1942-1945KLu 1945-1953, MLD 1940-1945
Beech 200 Super King Air Others
Beech Navigator (D-18S,SNB-5/TC-45J,T-7)  { KLu 'G', MLD 'Marine' } KLu 1942-1945, KLu 1953-1960sMLD 1945-today
Beech YC-43 Staggerwing (model 17) (liaison plane of Prince Bernhard, was RAF, not KLu, code PB1) -
Beechcraft AT-11 Kansan Others
Boeing B-17C Flying Fortress (1 US, abandoned on Java with broken engine, used for NEI escape in 1942) -
Boeing Vertol CH-47D Chinook KLu 1980s-today
Brequet BR1150 Atlantic SP-13A MLD 1945-today
Brewster Buffalo (B-339D/F2A-3) KNIL 1936-1950
Brewster Buffalo (B-439D) KNIL 1936-1950
Brewster SB2A Bermuda KNIL 1936-1950
Bristol F.2B [ Interned British ] KLu 1911-1918
Buecker Bue-131~ Jungmann (KLu=D-6, KNIL=B)  { KLu '-', KNIL 'BJ' } KLu 1919-1940KNIL 1936-1950
Caudron G.IV KLu 1911-1918
Commonwealth CA-6 Wackett KNIL 1936-1950
Consolidated B-24D Liberator (Mk.III) MLD 1940-1945
Consolidated B-24J Liberator (Mk.GR.VI, GR.VIII) MLD 1940-1945
Consolidated Catalina (PB2B-1,-2, PBY-5,-5A, -6, etc) MLD 1940-1945, MLD 1945-today
Curtiss H-75A-7 Hawk KNIL 1936-1950
Curtiss P-40E Kittyhawk KNIL 1936-1950 Others
Curtiss P-40F,L Others
Curtiss P-40N Warhawk KNIL 1936-1950 Others
Curtiss P-6E Hawk KNIL 1919-1935
Curtiss-Wright CW-21B Interceptor KNIL 1936-1950
Curtiss-Wright CW-22 Falcon KNIL 1936-1950
D.F.W. C.V [ Interned German ] KLu 1911-1918
De Broeckere F/G KNIL 1911-1918
De Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver (L-20A/U-6A) KLu 1953-1960s
De Havilland DH-4 [ Interned British ] KLu 1911-1918
De Havilland DH-82/-A, -84 Tiger Moth  { KLu 'A', MLD '-', KNIL 'DH' } KLu 1945-1953, KLu 1953-1960sMLD 1940-1945MLD 1945-today, KNIL 1936-1950
De Havilland DH-85 Leopard Moth (post war private plane of Prince Bernhard was RAF, not KLu, code ML 101) KLu 1938-1940
De Havilland DH-89B Dominee (Mk.I) KLu 1942-1945, KLu 1945-1953
De Havilland DH-9 eigenbouw (=self built) KNIL 1919-1935
De Havilland DH-9 eigenbouw ambulance KNIL 1919-1935
De Havilland DH-9, DH-9 Wasp Jr. KNIL 1919-1935
De Havilland DH-90 Dragonfly KLu 1938-1940
Deperdussin KNIL 1911-1918
Dornier Do-24K-1/-2 (& 2 prototypes) MLD 1919-1939 sea, MLD 1940-1945
Dornier Wal (-F, Lorraine D, Rolls R) MLD 1919-1939 sea
Douglas Boston (MLD= DB-7B,C-2-DO (A-20C), KNIL= A-20A) MLD 1940-1945 KNIL 1936-1950
Douglas C-54 Skymaster KNIL 1936-1950
Douglas Dakota (MLD = C-47 R4D-1,C-47A, KLu= C-47A,B, DC-3, KNIL= C-47, C-47A,B, DC-3, DC-3D)  { KLu 'X,ZU', MLD 'Q,W,23', KNIL 'DT' } KLu 1942-1945KLu 1945-1953, KLu 1953-1960s, MLD 1945-today, KNIL 1936-1950
Douglas DB-8A/3N KLu 1938-1940
Douglas DC-2 KNIL 1936-1950
Douglas DC-5 KNIL 1936-1950
Eurocopter AS-532 Cougar U Mk.2 KLu 1980s-today
Fairchild F-24R-9 KNIL 1936-1950
Fairchild PT-19A Cornell Others
Fairchild PT-26 Others
Fairey Barracuda Mk.II, III MLD 1940-1945
Fairey Firefly Mk.I, FR.Mk.IV, FR/NF.Mk.V, T.Mk.I,II MLD 1945-today
Fairey Firefly T.2 MLD 1945-today
Fairey IIID MLD 1919-1939 sea
Fairey Swordfish Mk.I,II,III MLD 1940-1945
Farman HF-16 KLu 1911-1918
Farman HF-20  { KLu 'LA', KNIL 'K' } KLu 1911-1918 KNIL 1911-1918
Farman HF-20 (De Broeckere)   { 'K' } KNIL 1911-1918
Farman HF-22 (Trompenburg)   { KLu 'LA', MLD 'A,MA' } KLu 1911-1918 MLD 1911-1918
Farman MF-40 [ Interned Belgian ] KLu 1911-1918
Felixstowe F-2A [ Interned British ] MLD 1911-1918
Focke Wulf FW-56A-1 Stoesser KLu 1945-1953
Focke Wulf FW-58B-2 Weihe KLu 1919-1940
Fokker 50 Utility KLu 1980s-today
Fokker 60 Utility KLu 1980s-today
Fokker B.I flying boat MLD 1919-1939 sea
Fokker B.II flying boat (evaluation) MLD 1919-1939 sea
Fokker C.I (KLu also C.Ia) { KLu '3,4,5,6', MLD 'F' } KLu 1919-1940MLD 1919-1939 sea
Fokker C.IV  { KLu '5', KNIL 'FC' } KLu 1919-1940KNIL 1919-1935
Fokker C.IX KLu 1919-1940
Fokker C.IX KLu 1919-1940
Fokker C.V (MLD= C,E,w, KLu= D, KNIL= D,E)  { KLu '3,6', MLD 'Z', KNIL 'FCvd,Fcve,FM' } KLu 1919-1940 MLD 1919-1939 seaKNIL 1919-1935
Fokker C.VI KLu 1919-1940
Fokker C.VII w MLD 1919-1939 sea
Fokker C.VIII (MLD= C.VIIIw)  { KLu '6', MLD 'G' } KLu 1919-1940MLD 1919-1939 sea
Fokker C.X  { KLu '7', KNIL 'FCx,FX' } KLu 1919-1940 KNIL 1919-1935
Fokker C.XI w MLD 1919-1939 sea
Fokker C.XIVw MLD 1919-1939 sea
Fokker D.C.I KNIL 1919-1935
Fokker D.III KLu 1911-1918
Fokker D.VII (MLD= D.VIIF)  { KLu '2', MLD 'D', KNIL 'F' } KLu 1919-1940MLD 1919-1939 land, KNIL 1919-1935
Fokker D.VIII (demonstration only, not with KLu) -
Fokker D.XVI (KNIL= prototype only)   { KLu '2', KNIL 'F' } KLu 1919-1940 KNIL 1919-1935
Fokker D.XVII (KNIL= prototype only)  { KLu '2', KNIL 'F' } KLu 1919-1940 KNIL 1919-1935
Fokker D.XXI (& prototype)  { KLu '2', KNIL 'FD' } KLu 1919-1940 KNIL 1919-1935
Fokker D.XXIII (prototype) KLu 1919-1940
Fokker F.VIIa/3m-M KLu 1919-1940
Fokker F.VIIb/3m (ambulance) KNIL 1919-1935
Fokker F.VIIIa KLu 1938-1940
Fokker F.XII KNIL 1936-1950
Fokker F.XVIII (chartered from KLM: Snip and Oriol) Others
Fokker F-27 Maritime KLu 1980s-today
Fokker F-27 Mk.100 Friendship KLu 1960s-1970s, KLu 1980s-today
Fokker F-27 Mk.300 Troopship KLu 1960s-1970s, KLu 1980s-today
Fokker G.IA (& prototype) KLu 1938-1940
Fokker G.IB (& prototype) KLu 1938-1940
Fokker M.VIII (A.1) KLu 1911-1918
Fokker S.II KLu 1919-1940
Fokker S.IIa (= ambulance) KLu 1919-1940
Fokker S.III MLD 1919-1939 land
Fokker S.IV  { KLu -, KNIL 'FC' } KLu 1919-1940KNIL 1919-1935
Fokker S.IX  { KLu radial, MLD inline 'S' } KLu 1919-1940 MLD 1919-1939 land
Fokker S-11 Instructor  { KLu 'E', MLD - } KLu 1945-1953KLu 1953-1960s, MLD 1945-today
Fokker S-13 (prototype) KLu 1953-1960s
Fokker S-14 Machtrainer KLu 1953-1960s
Fokker T.IV/T.IVa MLD 1919-1939 sea
Fokker T.IX (prototype) KLu 1938-1940
Fokker T.V (& prototype) KLu 1938-1940 (& KLu 1919-1940)
Fokker T.VIIIw/G-1, G-2, M MLD 1919-1939 sea, MLD 1940-1945
Friedrichshafen FF-19 [ Interned German ] MLD 1911-1918
Friedrichshafen FF-29 [ Interned German ] MLD 1911-1918
Friedrichshafen FF-33C,J/S [ Interned German ]  and L MLD 1911-1918
Friedrichshafen FF-49C MLD 1911-1918
Friedrichshafen G.III [ Interned German ] KLu 1911-1918
General Dynamics F-16A, A(R),B Flying Falcon / Lockeed Martin MLU F-16A,B KLu 1980s-today
Gloster Meteor F.Mk.4,8 KLu 1945-1953, KLu 1953-1960s
Gloster Meteor T.Mk.7  { MLD 'Marine' } KLu 1945-1953, KLu 1953-1960s, MLD 1945-today
Gotha G.IV [ Interned German ] KLu 1911-1918
Gotha WD-11 [ Interned German ] MLD 1911-1918
Grumman G-21A Goose MLD 1940-1945
Grumman TBM-3~ Avenger (-3E(1), -3E2, -3S2, -3W2) MLD 1945-today
Grumman Tracker ((C)S2F-1, (C)S2A, (C)S2A/N) MLD 1945-today
Gulfstream Aerospace C-20 Gulfstream IV (G1159C) KLu 1980s-today
Halberstadt CL.II,IV [ Interned German ] KLu 1911-1918
Handley Page 0/400 [ Interned British ] KLu 1911-1918
Hannover CL.II, IIIa [ Interned German ] KLu 1911-1918
Hansa-Brandenburg W-12 [ Interned German ] MLD 1911-1918
Hansa-Brandenburg W-29 [ Interned German ] MLD 1911-1918
Hawker Hunter F.Mk.4, 6 KLu 1953-1960s
Hawker Hunter T.Mk.7 KLu 1953-1960s
Hawker Hurricane Mk.II (or IIb) and possibly Mk.I KNIL 1936-1950
Hawker Seafury F.Mk.50, FB.Mk.51,60 MLD 1945-today
Hawker Seahawk FGA-50 MLD 1945-today
Hiller UH-12/OH-23B,C Raven KLu 1953-1960s
Kawanishi H6K-5 Mavis [ ex Japanese ]  KNIL 1936-1950
Koolhoven FK-31 KNIL 1919-1935
Koolhoven FK-43 KLu 1938-1940
Koolhoven FK-46 KLu 1919-1940
Koolhoven FK-49 KLu 1919-1940
Koolhoven FK-49A KLu 1938-1940
Koolhoven FK-51  { KLu '4', MLD 'E', KNIL 'K' } KLu 1919-1940MLD 1919-1939 land, KNIL 1936-1950
Koolhoven FK-52 (evaluation, mobilised) KLu 1938-1940
Koolhoven FK-56 KLu 1919-1940
L.V.G. B.I,II, C.VI [ Interned German ] KLu 1911-1918
Lockheed (R)T-33 Shooting Star KLu 1953-1960s
Lockheed (RF,T,)F-104G Starfighter KLu 1960s-1970s
Lockheed 12(A) Electra Junior (C-40)  { KLu 'T', KNIL 'L,T', Other 'L2' } KLu 1942-1945KLu 1945-1953 KNIL 1936-1950 Others
Lockheed 14 Super Electra KNIL 1936-1950
Lockheed 18 Lodestar (C-56B, C-60) KNIL 1936-1950
Lockheed 212 KNIL 1936-1950
Lockheed C-130H-30 Hercules KLu 1980s-today
Lockheed Hudson (Mk.I,II,(GR.)III,V,VI) KLu 1942-1945MLD 1940-1945
Lockheed P2V-5,-7B/P2H, SP-2H Neptune MLD 1945-today
Lockheed P-3CII Orion MLD 1945-today
Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon MLD 1945-today
Martin (Glenn L.) PBM-5A Mariner MLD 1945-today
Martin (Glenn L.) R  { MLD 'H', KNIL - } MLD 1911-1918 KNIL 1911-1918
Martin (Glenn L.) S MLD 1911-1918
Martin (Glenn L.) TA KNIL 1911-1918
Martin (Glenn L.) TT KNIL 1911-1918
Martin (Glenn L.) WH-1,-2 (= model 139) KNIL 1936-1950
Martin (Glenn L.) WH-3,-3A (= model 166) KNIL 1936-1950
Mc Donnell Douglas (K)DC-10 KLu 1980s-today, Klu 2004+
Mc Donnell Douglas AH-64A,D Apache KLu 1980s-today
Messerschmidt Bf-108B-1 KNIL 1936-1950
Messerschmidt Boelkow Blohm Bo-105C,CB KLu 1960s-1970s, KLu 1980s-today
Mitsubishi A6M-5 Zeke [ ex Japanese ] (possibly) KNIL 1936-1950
Mitsubishi Ki-57 Topsy [ ex Japanese ] KNIL 1936-1950
Morane Saulnier L [ Interned British ] KLu 1911-1918
Morane Saulnier MS-35 (AR-35-EP-2) KNIL 1919-1935
Nakajima Ki-49 IIb Helen [ ex Japanese ] (possibly) KNIL 1936-1950
Nieuport 11 (Spijker) KLu 1911-1918
Nieuport 17 C.I  [ Interned French ] KLu 1911-1918
Nieuport 21 KLu 1911-1918
Nieuport 23 KLu 1911-1918
Noorduyn UC-64-ND Norseman KNIL 1936-1950
North American B-25B,C,D,J Mitchell (KNIL also "K")  { KLU=RAF, MLD '2',RAF, KNIL 'N', Other - } KLu 1942-1945, MLD 1940-1945, MLD 1945-today, KNIL 1936-1950 Others
North American B-25G Mitchell Others
North American F-86K Sabre (~ Dog) KLu 1953-1960s
North American P-51D,K Mustang KNIL 1936-1950
North American Texan/Harvard (KLu= AT-16,NA-27,  MLD= AT-16/UT-6, KNIL= Noorduyn AT-16 IIB, Others= AT-6,)   { KLu 'B,NL', MLD '12', KNIL 'B', Other 'N5,M' } KLu 1945-1953KLu 1953-1960sMLD 1945-todayKNIL 1936-1950 Others
Northrop NF-5A,B Freedom Fighter KLu 1960s-1970s, KLu 1980s-today
Pander D MLD 1919-1939 landKNIL 1919-1935
Percival Proctor P30 Mk.III, IV KLu 1942-1945, KLu 1945-1953
Pfalz D.IIIa [ Interned German ] KLu 1911-1918
Pilatus PC-7 KLu 1980s-today
Piper J-4E  { 'PT' } KNIL 1936-1950
Piper L-18C Cub  { 'A' } KLu 1945-1953
Piper L-21A,B Super Cub  { KLU 'A', MLD '21' } KLu 1945-1953KLu 1953-1960s, MLD
Piper L-4 Grasshopper / Cub (B= Others, J= KNIL)  { KNIL 'PC', Other 'P' } KNIL 1936-1950 Others
Porterfield Others
Republic F-84E,G Thunderjet KLu 1945-1953, KLu 1953-1960s
Republic F-84F Thunderstreak KLu 1953-1960s
Republic RF-84F Thunderflash KLu 1953-1960s
Robert-Esnault-Pelterie REP-2 Parasol [ Interned British, flown by "Canada's Lindbergh", Erroll Boyd ] KLu 1911-1918
Royal Aircraft Factory BE-2C [ Interned British ] KLu 1911-1918
Royal Aircraft Factory SE-5A [ Interned British ] KLu 1911-1918
Rumpler 6B-2 [ Interned German ] MLD 1911-1918
Rumpler C.I,Ia [ Interned German ] KLu 1911-1918
Rumpler C.IV,VIII KLu 1911-1918
Ryan (MLD STM-2,-2S, KNIL STM-2, STM-3)  { MLD 'S', KNIL 'R' } MLD 1940-1945KNIL 1936-1950
Short 184 [ Interned British ] MLD 1911-1918
Sikorsky H03S (S-51) MLD 1945-today
Sikorsky H04S-3 (S-55 / UH-19F) MLD 1945-today
Sikorsky HSS-1N (S-58 / SH/UH-34J) MLD 1945-today
Sikorsky S-43 (JRS-1) MLD 1940-1945
Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter [ Interned British ] MLD 1911-1918
Sopwith Baby [ Interned British ] MLD 1911-1918
Sopwith F.1 Camel [ Interned British ] KLu 1911-1918
Sopwith Pup [ Interned British ] KLu 1911-1918
Sopwith-Hanriot 1B1 [ Interned French ] KLu 1911-1918
Spad VII C1 [ Interned French ] KLu 1911-1918
Spijker V.1 MLD 1911-1918
Spijker V.2  { KLu 'SP', MLD 'C' } KLu 1919-1940 MLD 1919-1939 land
Stinson L-1 Vigilant (couldn't find specifics on this one, but was RAF not KLu) -
Sud Aviation SA-3130/SA-135 Alouette II KLu 1953-1960s
Supermarine Sea-Otter ASR Mk.II (or Mk.I) (Vickers~) MLD 1945-today
Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vb,c, LF.IXb KLu 1942-1945
Supermarine Spitfire LF.XVIe KLu 1942-1945
Supermarine Spitfire LF.Mk.IXc KLu 1945-1953, KLu 1947-1950 NEI
Supermarine Spitfire Mk.XIV KLu 1942-1945
Supermarine Spitfire T.Mk.IX KLu 1945-1953
Tachikawa Ki-54c Hickory [ ex Japanese ] KNIL 1936-1950
Tachikawa Ki-55 Ida [ ex Japanese ] KNIL 1936-1950
Taylorcraft Auster Mk.III  { KLu 'R', MLD '21' } KLu 1942-1945, KLu 1945-1953, KLu 1947-1950 NEIMLD 1945-todayKNIL 1936-1950
Taylorcraft L-2M Grashopper  { 'TC' } KNIL 1936-1950
Thulin K(, KA) MLD 1911-1918
Thulin LA MLD 1911-1918
Van Berkel WA MLD 1919-1939 sea
Van Berkel WB MLD 1919-1939 sea
Van Meel (2 models, nicknamed Brik and Grote: Brig and Big) KLu 1911-1918
Vickers Viking Mk.IV KNIL 1919-1935
Voisin LB.IV [ Interned French ] KLu 1911-1918
Vought-Sikorsky VS-310 Kingfisher (OS2U-3) MLD 1940-1945
Vreeburg A-2M KLu 1911-1918
Vultee BT-13A Valiant Others
Waco EGC-7 KNIL 1936-1950
Waco UKC KNIL 1936-1950
Westland Lynx (Mk.25,27,81 / UH-14A,SH-14B,C,D) MLD 1945-today
Westland Wasp HAS Mk.I-2, 2a (AH-12A) MLD 1945-today
White & Tompson No.3 [ Interned British ] MLD 1911-1918
Yokosuka K5Y1 (or 4 or 5) Willow [ ex Japanese ] (possibly) KNIL 1936-1950



Most colour data from Camouflage en Kentekens, J.H.N. Greuter, Bonneville, Bergen The Netherlands, 1997, ISBN 90 73304 57 1 (out of print).
Data on aircraft types from several sources



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