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The Lockheed Hercules in Detail

Part 2 - Rear Fuselage

n text by Henrik Bergman and Magnus Fridsell
n photos by Henrik Bergman


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In order not to interfere with the cargo hold, the landing gear were located in external fairings on the fuselage. This is the right hand fairing seen from the front. Note that from the beginning, the prominent intake for the cargo compartment air condition on the front end was just present on aircraft 844 to 848. After a recent modification, all Hercules aircraft have been upgraded with this.

The aft end of the right hand fairing. Note heavy weathering around panels and rivets! The numbered hatches are in fact dispensers for chaff and flares while the large hatch at the rear end is an air stream deflector used when dropping paratroops through the rear doors!

Front end of left hand fairing. Note how the RBF-tag have made circular patterns in the layer of soot and grime on the surface. The natural metal panel is the APU exhaust while the small hatch in the middle of the photo is the air inlet, which is closed while not in use.

Left hand fairing seen from the front. There is one taxi light on each side.

The rear end of 848. The aft part of the ramp swings upwards/inwards in the fuselage while the forward part of it is used to drive on while loading and unloading. The circular hole is the cabin pressure safety valve.

Who said that rivets and panel lines can't be seen? The rivets make up a very interesting pattern! In the middle of the picture are two chaff dispensers and further aft are two more ALQ 156 sensors.

The tail bumper protecting the structure in case of landing in a nose-high attitude. The smaller bump is a support point used when loading heavy cargo and the small tube is an outlet for superfluous bodily fluids!

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