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Lockheed C-130 Hercules in Detail

Part 1 - Forward Fuselage

n text by Henrik Bergman and Magnus Fridsell
n photos by Henrik Bergman


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Starting from the front end, we get a good view of the low-viz markings. The box near the nose gear is a flare dispenser that was installed during the Electronic Warfare upgrade. The cylinders in front of the lower windows are sensors for the ALQ 156 SAM warning system.

The nose from head-on. The lower flare dispensers and the ALQ 156 sensors are symmetrically placed. Also note the anti-lightning strakes on the radome, a detail worthy of inclusion in your next Hercules model!

A good view showing the shape of the rather characteristic Hercules nose! Note the black strip protecting the hinges at the interface between radome and fuselage. The white antenna above the cockpit is for TCAS (Traffic collision avoidance system).

A close-up of the left hand flare dispenser. The thin cable is for grounding the aircraft electrically while the thicker hose supplies dry air to the airframe.

View showing the prominent flight station air-condition inlet. Also worth noting are the outlet gills for the cabin outflow valve located above the "H" in the "Swedish Air Force" text.

An impressive amount of lumps, bumps and antennae adorn the front fuselage!

Not that many antennae behind the wing but still a few. Note that the very American-looking "towel hanger"-antennas are not symmetrical to the fuselage centre-line. The no step demarcation lines are remarkably thin.


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