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Antonov An-2 Colt in Detail

Fuselage views

n Text by Martin Waligorski
n Photos by Martin Waligorski and Frank Spahr

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The cockpit windscreen really sits too high on the fuselage to allow photographing it from any decent angle, but I took this photo to show the principle of its construction. I can't help thinking that it was inspired by German way of building glasshouse canopies from flat clear panels - á la Junkers Ju 52.  True or not, the protruding side windows give the crew an excellent view rearwards and downwards.


Another view of the cockpit area showing the windscreen from a different angle. The side-by-side cockpit could hose dual controls.


Port rear fuselage with characteristic circular cabin windows. The curtains appear to have been the standard fit, carried not only in passenger, but also military and agricultural versions.

The cabin entry door is surrounded by the larger panel which actually forms a cargo door, 
hinged upwards.


The same area on an even more battered German An-2 - I'm sure readers will not miss  that padlock securing the door and traces of crude repair work at its lower  right corner - a proof that "ease of maintenance" and "practical thinking" often go hand in hand, resulting in many interesting options for the modeller.


The opposite side of the fuselage features an emergency escape hatch at the rear end of the cabin.


A close-up view of those rivets at the rear starboard fuselage.


Detail of the access steps and handles allowing ground crew to climb a top the fuselage. Each step is faired with a spring-loaded cover and clearly marked with a red arrow stencil.


The elliptical vertical tail features a large, aerodynamically-balanced rudder shown here. The Polish national insignia has been split between the fixed and moveable surfaces, its contour emphasizing the rounded leading edge of the rudder.

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