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Antonov An-2 Colt in Detail

Wings and undercarriage

n Text by Martin Waligorski
n Photos by Martin Waligorski and Frank Spahr

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The main undercarriage shown here is a conventional 3-strut unit.


Close-up of the complex undercarriage attachment point.  The small supporting strut at the lower wing root. and faired attachment points of wing rigging are details worth noting.


The other end of the rigging wires at the upper end of the outer wing strut. Shown to advantage is the wire attachment point. 

The pitot tube and another smaller probe visible here are located on port wing strut only.


All cross-bracing  wires are entirely flat in cross-section. The forward wires are doubled.


Unlike the overall feeling of the aircraft, construction of the wing struts witnesses about the An-2 being a post-war airframe. The struts are of monocoque construction made of pressed alloy formers.  


Another monocoque triangular strut supports the horizontal tailplane. This one is on the port side, with direction of flight to the left of the photo.



The wings are covered in fabric except the upper wing centre, which is covered with corrugated metal skin forward of the rear spar. 


The metal skin of the upper wing wraps around its leading edge, resulting in these prominent corrugations.


View of the lower starboard wing showing aileron configuration with its prominent hinges. Moveable control surfaces cover the entire span of both upper and lower wings, a visual sign of good slow-speed characteristics for which the An-2 is well-known. On take-off and landing, the ailerons can drop 20 degrees to compliment the flaps as high-lift devices.


Lower wing root features a reinforced walk area.

Damaged wing fabric is a sad testimony to a deteriorating state the airframe which is stored exposed to the elements in the gardens of Warsaw's museum.


This photo shows the landing light in the lower starboard wing outboard of the wing strut. Another  two identical  lights reside in the similar position on the port wing .

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