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Republic RF-84F in Detail (Reprise)

Intakes, Landing gear, Spoilers and Air Brakes

n Photos and text  by Magnus Fridsell

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Left hand air intake. The splitter plate and its supports are noteworthy features, as are the louvered outlets on the lower surface. The two holes outboard of the intake are for two of the four .5 inch cannons. These were strictly for self-defense and the only kind of arms an RF-84 carried. 


Right hand air intake. The upper surface colours wrap around both the intake lips and the leading edge of the wing extension.


The rather complicated nose gear with anti-shimmy devices, mud guard, torque link and, on the opposite side, even a landing light. 


A view into the wheel well which is predominantly zinc-chromate green. The large opening aft of this is the window for the main vertical camera. 


Right hand main gear, which are of a lot simpler design than the nose gear unit! The lower door is fixed to the gear leg while the upper one is hinged at its top edge.


A view into the right main gear well. Note the retraction cylinder, the beam dividing the well in two parts and the assorted plumbing inside!


A view of the airbrake and the spoilers. The spoilers, in the wings just forward of the flaps, operated automatically to boost roll performance.

A close-up of the spoilers and the flap in its down position..

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