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FFVS J 22 in Detail

General views and camouflage

n Photos by Andreas Samuelsson and Magnus Fridsell
Text by Magnus Fridsell and Martin Waligorski

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J 22 in faithfully recreated finish of the period. This is the best preserved example of the type, carrying the markings of Röd Kalle (Red "K") of the F 10 Wing.
Photo: Andreas Samuelsson

As can be seen here, the engine of Röd Kalle is still in running condition, albeit for enjoyment only, as the aircraft doesn't fly.
Photo: Andreas Samuelsson

The second subject of this essay is this machine residing at the Swedish Airforce Museum. This particular aircraft was built in 1945, and carried the military serial number 22280.
Photo: Magnus Fridsell

Human figures lend the scale. This photo clearly  shows how small the J 22 really was.
Photo: Andreas Samuelsson

When the J 22 was first introduced, Swedish wartime press christened the aircraft World's Fastest - in relation to the engine power. At unit level, things looked slightly different and the slogan was quickly paraphrased to "World's Fastest - in relation to the track width!". Whatever the case, the FFVS design team managed to produce a remarkably clean and simplistic airframe.
Photo: Andreas Samuelsson

Front view shows a degree of wing dihedral, and - again - the clean configuration of this nimble aircraft. 
Photo: Andreas Samuelsson

J 22 was produced in two versions differing only with armament . The first 143 production aircraft were J 22A and the rest J 22B. The "A" model was armed with two 13.2 mm and two 8 mm guns in the wings, and J 22B with four 13.2 mm guns. The larger guns protruded through the wing leading edge and were faired with stramlined "stubs". As can be seen, the museum's sample on the above picture is a J 22B, while Röd Kalle is of J 22A type. 
Photo: Magnus Fridsell

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