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Volume 5, 2001

   Volume statistics 
January  - December 2001
10 issues
47 articles

The contents is shown in order of publishing (from newest to oldest articles)

December 2001

Missile with a Man in it: Lockheed F-104C in shining metal
Mike Howard builds a Monogram F-104C Starfighter in stunning natural metal finish

In Wrong Hands: Captured P-51B in Luftwaffe markings
Ricardo Dacobe describes the alternative technique of obtaining the natural metal finish in scale.

Tech Tips: Painting a Face
An overview of face painting basics. By Bruce Grinstead.

Supermarine Spitfire Mk. IX in Detail
Another sougfht-after solid  piece of reference on the legendary British fighter. This one is our best Spitfire walkaround yet.

November 2001

From Anten to Alingsås: Scratchbuilding a 1939 Country Bus
Sven Örnberg's nostalgia trip in plastic sheet and plywood.

Tech Tips: Rigging in Scale
Tomasz Gronczewski describes some useful rigging techniques.

Modeller's Guide to Bell X-1 Experimental Aircraft (Part One)
This month's related piece of reference provides a detailed development history of the X-1 family of aircraft.

Modeller's Guide to Bell X-1 Experimental Aircraft (Part Two)
Part two of X-1 development history covers all versions and mother aircraft.

Glamorous in Orange
Jacob de Maré shows the quarter-scale model of Bell X-1 built from the Eduard kit.

October 2001

And Now on to Something Entirely Different... 
Kai-Mikael Jää-Aro shows how to build a scale model of a dinosaur out of chicken bones

JS-2 Russian Tank
The mid-1990s Dragon kit is still going strong in the hands of Valter Turkalj

Brother William
A 54 mm figure of medieval monk produced by Andrea, rendered by Stefan Hellström

Camouflage & Markings: Saab JA 37 Viggen "Blå Petter"
The highly unusual Viggen described in detail by Stefan Eriksson

September 2001

Superdetailers Unite! Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A-8/R11 Nachtjäger
A must-see Tour de Force in detailing. By Ricardo Dacoba, Argentina.

Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk in detail
One of  the best-known shapes in the skies in close-up. Photographic work by Burkhard Domke.

The flying wing of the Luftwaffe: Arado E.555
Ingemar Caisander builds the Revell kit of hypothetical German bomber

Tech Tips: Don't rely on decals (Part Three)
Martin Waligorski concludes his article on painting techniques for markings.

July 2001

Stuka Zu Fuss!
This year's Best-in-Show from the Swedish national modelling contest described.

Tech Tips: Don't Rely On Decals (Part 1)
Martin Waligorski describes how to improve or even replace decals by painting the markings yourself.

Tech Tips: Don't Rely On Decals (Part 2)
A Continuation from part 1, this article shows some real-life examples.

Triplane Craze - The Esoteric Pfalz Dr. I
Anders Bruun's award-winning replica of the lesser-known German WW1 fighter

Hawker Hart in Detail
The multi-role aircraft of the biplane era presented by Martin Waligorski

May 2001

Tech Tips: Hit the Dirt, Modellers!
Göran Nordin explains how to create scale mud and dirt using... the real stuff.

M4 Sherman - The Classic US Medium Tank in Winter Camouflage
Anders Isaksson describes his armor building and weathering techniques in this full-size feature.

South American 'Jug'
Peter Ibes and provides basic  reference material on P-47s in Chilean service, and models the 1/72 Academy Thunderbolt in the markings of the Fuerza Aerea de Chile.

T-80 - Building Dragon's Kit of the Russian Main Battle Tank
Mikael Isaksson works himself through some problems of Dragon's kit of this modern Russian MBT.

Napoleon Bonaparte
Andreas Bennwik's rendition of 54mm figure of the French conqueror.

Arne (the Model Builder) no. 27
Mats Hammar's comic series featuring Modellbyggar-Arne (Arne The Model Builder).

April 2001

IPMS Open 2001 Virtual Tour
This month's issue is all about the Swedish National IPMS Competition. Here you can experience the entire show online - with hundreds of detail-rich photographs!

Arne (the Model Builder) no. 26
Mats Hammar's Arne The Model Builder for this moth couldn't be nearer the truth.

March 2001

Small is Beautiful
World's first jet makes a tiny model in 1/72nd scale. By Martin Waligorski.

Creating an Alien
Ingemar Caisander builds the Halcyon 1/9th scale Alien creature.

Fieseler Fi 156 Storch in Detail
Martin Waligorski examines this remarkable German classic.

Tp2 (Junkers W 33/34) in Swedish Service
Göran Sebardt's collection of Tp2 ambulance aircraft from the 1930s.

Arne (the Model Builder) no. 25
Mats Hammar's comic series featuring Modellbyggar-Arne (Arne The Model Builder).

February 2001

Gulf War LAV-25
Battle vehicle used by United States Marine Corps - built by Johan Isaksson.

Tech Tips: Masking Wheels
Martin Waligorski's reflection on masking and painting circular shapes.

Can it be Easier than This? Building Tamiya's chrome-plated MiG-15 bis
Modelling doesn't get much easier than this... Ingemar Caisander gets plenty of modelling fun with this quarter-scale project.

Mikoyan & Gurevich Mig-19 Farmer in detail
The "forgotten" early Russian jet fighter photographed and described by Robert Blaschke.

Trinity Lighthouse Ship
Frank Spahr presents his adventure into ship modelling.

Arne (the Model Builder) no. 24
Mats Hammar's comic series featuring Modellbyggar-Arne (Arne The Model Builder).

January 2001

Building the Late 'Dora': Converting the Fw 190 D-9 to D-11
Ingemar Caisander describes every detail involved in this quarter-scale conversion.

Tech Tips: Shading and Enhancing Panel Lines
There are many ways to enhance panel lines and other structural recesses on a  scale model. This article provides a basic review of the mostly used techniques. 

Vickers Wellington Mk. X in detail
The classic - and somewhat neglected - British bomber described by Martin Waligorski

Warhawk of the Far East
Anders Isaksson presents his quarter-scale P-40 diorama.

Adventures into the Esoteric
Mikael Forslund's scratchbuilt model of the never-to-be J 10 Swedish fighter.

Arne (the Model Builder) no. 23
Mats Hammar's comic series featuring Modellbyggar-Arne (Arne The Model Builder).

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