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Mikoyan & Gurevich Mig-19 Farmer in Detail

n by Robert Blaschke
n additional text by Martin Waligorski

The "Forgotten" Mig

The Mig-19 (NATO code Farmer) was the first mass-produced supersonic fighter of the Soviet Air Force. The prototype first flew in 1953, the aircraft entering production in 1955. Farmer was the primary fighter of the Russian air force during late fifties to the early sixties, about 2500 aircraft being produced in total. 

Although it proved to be a capable and sturdy combat aircraft - and a competent dogfighter, it appears now to be mostly remembered as  an interim step between the Mig-15/17 first generation jets and the incredibly successful Mig-21 Fishbed. In its configuration, it is a direct descendant of Mig-15 with fixed engine air intakes in the blunt nose and swept wings - although the sweep has been increased to 55 degrees.

The presented MiG-19S was photographed by me in 1995 at Technical Museum in Brno, Czech Republic. The MiG-19S (Farmer C) was a basic fighter-bomber version without all-weather capability.

I'd like to thank Mr. Brinek from the museum who allowed me to take the pictures. Unfortunately he didn't have a crank for manual canopy opening, so pictures of the cockpit interior couldn't be taken.

In retrospective, the quality of some photos is far from excellent, but since there are not so many Mig-19 pictures on net so far, I hope that you will find them useful.

The entire airframe has suffered from many years of exposure to the elements in the open. The sorry effects show - especially for the steel components, which rust heavily. As for the paint  finish, I believe it to be original, although both the natural metal and painted surfaces are heavily worn with large amounts of paint flaking off. 

Mikoyan & Gurevich Mig-19S in detail

There are 22 pictures in all, divided in two sections:

Airframe details

Undercarriage details


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