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JAS 39 Gripen in Detail
Underwing Stores and Armament

n by Martin Waligorski

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The Sting

The missile commonly seen on Gripen's wing tips are AIM-9L Sidewinders (Swedish designation Rb 74). The one seen here is a mock-up, painted in green and lacking the front stabilizers.

Under the wing there are two Rb 75s Maverick air-to-ground missiles. More about this weapon below.

Armament in the Swedish Air Force is color-coded the following way:
Yellow - live
White - light flares
Brown - live propellant, no warhead
Blue - Training weapon or fire marker
Green - mock-up

Photo: SAAB


This is ARAK unguided ground missile pod produced by Bofors, containing blind (green) 135 mm rockets. This weapon is currently being phased out, as it requires the aircraft to approach the target at a too short distance for the modern countermeasures.

Photo: SAAB


Again a AGM-75 Maverick, designated Rb 75 in the Swedish Air Force. 

This specimen is a simulation missile (you can read SIM RB 75 on the missile's body), featuring a live TV targeting system but no warhead. Also, the stabilizing fins at the rear are missing, so this one couldn't fly...

Photo: SAAB


In "pure" fighter configuration, the JAS 39 can carry six AIM-9L Sidewinders. 

Photo: SAAB


The inner weapon is Swedish-produced Rb 15F, a radar-guided anti-ship missile. 

On the outer pylon, an Rb 75 Maverick again. this time with control fins. This might be an infrared-seeking version, as indicated by the solid nose.

Photo: SAAB

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