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JAS 39 Gripen in Detail
Pilot's Office

n by Martin Waligorski

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Hood, HUD and the Like

Overall view of the canopy.

Photo: Björn Ringholm


This SAAB's publicity photo gives a good idea about curvature of the windscreen. Note also the curved shape of the rim at it's lower edge.

Photo: SAAB


The shelf behind pilot's seat is full of equipment. Unfortunately we didn't come across any good photos of it, but these two views should give a general idea about  what's inside. The ejection seat is Martin Baker Mk.10LS.

Photo: Björn Ringholm + SAAB


The canopy is hinged, opening to port side. 

Photo: SAAB


Two officially released photos of the instrument panel. This one depicts the training simulator...

The panel is dominated by three computer displays, which can show different things depending on the pilot's choice. The picture shows a standard setup with flight instruments to the left, tactical map in the middle and radar display to the right. 

The glass plate up front is of course a HUD (Head-Up Display), with a systems control panel below.

Photo: SAAB


...this photo, on the other hand, appears to show a real thing. As can be seen, the displays are monochrome. According to  Erik Gustavsson, the picture was taken when the plane was standing on SAABs airfield in Linköping, heading north-west. You can see the faint contours of lake Vättern on the map screen.

Photo: SAAB


Aircraft of the planned 3rd production series JAS 39C will have all the analog instruments removed and color data displays. This is how it will look like. 

Note the same position on the map!

Photo: SAAB



The smiling guy is Chief Commander of the Czech Air Force, Lieutenant General Ladislav Klima, one of the Czech pilots flying JAS 39 during the official visit to Sweden in October 1997.

Behind him there's a cockpit rear wall with lots of plumbing. 

Photo: SAAB


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