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Messerschmitt Bf 109G-10 in Detail

Wings and Main Undercarriage

n by Martin Waligorski

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detail_bf109g10_13.jpg (23525 bytes)

Despite the seemingly identical configuration, the undercarriage of the G-10 and K-4 was miles away from that of the earlier variants. Some of the changes are visible here: undercarriage track was considerably widened, resulting in the prominent "gaps" between the leg and the inner end of the wheel well.   Legs had been made thicker, and the wheel covers split into two-part assemblies.

The  rectangular openings between the wheels are spent cartridge ejection chutes for the fuselage-mounted guns.

This aircraft lacks the centerline drop tank rack, but the four hardpoint hooks and a fuel line for it can be seen further aft.

Photo: Martin Waligorski


detail_bf109g10_14.jpg (18399 bytes)Another feature of the new main undercarriage was a new wheel of the 660x190 mm format, as opposed to 660x160 mm of the earlier type.

The photo also offers a good view of the wheel well interior, notably devoid of wiring and plumbing often seen on other aircraft of the period.

Photo: Martin Waligorski


detail_bf109g10_15.jpg (17475 bytes)

The view of the upper wing surface with the lowered flaps in the foreground.

The blister outside of the walk area extends from the leading edge over almost the entire wing chord. This blister provided more room for the enlarged wheels of the new undercarriage.

Note also the wing root fairing.

Photo: Martin Waligorski


detail_bf109g10_16.jpg (19817 bytes)An interesting object under the port wing is the Morane antenna mast. The color is...natural wood. This is correct: RLM specs called for these, and other wooden antenna masts, to be painted with clear varnish only.

Photo: Martin Waligorski


detail_bf109g10_17.jpg (15681 bytes)The last view of this photo essay is of the wing's lower surface. Nearest the camera is the aileron mass balance, followed by an aileron hinge, a lowered landing flap, and an underwing cooler.

Photo: Martin Waligorski

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