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Mikoyan & Gurevich Mig-29A Fulcrum in Detail

Rear fuselage and tail

n Photos by Stephan Voellings
Text by Martin Waligorski

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View of the tail surfaces. Horizontal tail is a solid all-flying unit. Vertical tail is of more traditional structure, divided into a fixed stabilizer and a movable fin.

Rear-facing fairings on top of the fin belong to some kind of radio and IFF system antennae.


Photo: Stephan Voellings

Engine jet pipes are very complex assemblies, with a mass of moving plates to enable the diameter of the pipes to decrease and increase with engine power settings.

Note the apparent effect of the heat on the color of the metalwork.

Photo: Stephan Voellings

A peek into the  exhaust of port Isotov engine. The afterburner spray ring barely visible deep inside of the exhaust tunnel.

Again, note the variety of colors inside the jet pipe.

Photo: Stephan Voellings


A look between the engines reveals a lot of interesting detail.

The black ball on top of the photo is the brake chute canister, under this is the lower half of the air brake. Between the engines there is the backside of the underbelly fuel tank with distance struts and air vents.

German Migs have only this external fuel tank, they cannot carry fuel tanks on the wings.

Photo: Stephan Voellings

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