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Mikoyan & Gurevich Mig-29A Fulcrum in Detail

Front fuselage

n Photos by Stephan Voellings
Text by Martin Waligorski

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Overall view of the front fuselage.

The prominent probe below the windscreen is the auxiliary pressure probe. Red plastic-cap immediately in front of the windscreen covers the infra-red seeker and laser range finder devices.

Photo: Stephan Voellings

Fuselage spine and swept-back antenna.

The upper auxiliary engine air intakes on top of wing roots are seen here in the closed position. When the main intakes are closed during taxiing and take-off, these gills serve as the engine air intakes. As soon as the aircraft's nose leg leaves the ground, the gills close and the main intakes take over their usual function.

Of note is also a teardrop fairing above the gills, the purpose of which could not be determined.

Photo: Stephan Voellings

Exposed cockpit canopy viewed from the starboard side. HUD assembly can be seen behind the windscreen. Further aft, black foam plastic head padding of the ejection seat.

This picture offers also a better view of the fairing for infra-red seeker and laser range finder.

Photo: Stephan Voellings


Cockpit canopy. The prominent brown-red rim comes from the sealing agent for the pressurised cockpit.

Photo: Stephan Voellings

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