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Mikoyan & Gurevich Mig-29A Fulcrum in Detail

Wing and armament

n Photos by Stephan Voellings
Text by Martin Waligorski

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Starboard wing equipment pylons.

The canister visible here is a removable personal baggage compartment.

Photo: Stephan Voellings

Outer port side pylon is armed with AA-10 (short range air-to-air guided rocket).

This particular specimen is a practice round.

Photo: Stephan Voellings

This photo offers a good detail of tailing sides of the pylons, and a profile of rear wing-to-fuselage joint.

Photo: Stephan Voellings


Front root of the starboard wing. This wing root is devoid of any openings.

Photo: Stephan Voellings


In contrast, port wing root of the aircraft features a multitude of grilles and openings.

The oval opening in the front is a gun muzzle with blast suppression ducts directly behind. The four rectangular grille behind are vented slots of the gun compartment.

Photo: Stephan Voellings

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