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Spitfire PR Mk XIX in detail

Wing and udercarriage

n by Joachim Smith

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wpe14.jpg (15311 bytes)

This is what the port navigation light looks like and, slightly blurred, the airspeed pitot intake.

Photo: Joachim Smith


wpe1B.jpg (19592 bytes)

From this angle, the rounded fillet fairing the radiator housing into the wing is clearly visible. Also noteworthy are the landing gear retaining eyelet and the fuel booster pump cover bulge, which extends to the gear cover.

Photo: Joachim Smith


wpeA.jpg (21621 bytes)

The vertical intake lip of the radiator housing is at right angles to the underwing surface. The radiator itself is recessed at an angle with the aft end deeper in the wing; hence the radiator face is not parallel to the intake. The bulge is the underwing fuel booster pump fairing.

Note also the white anti-slip marks painted over the tyre and rim.

Photo: Joachim Smith


wpe17.jpg (18337 bytes)

The flashlight reveals the internal structure of the engine supercharger air intake. The gull wing shape of the wing root is evident from this angle, as is the gear cover extension of the booster pump bulge.

Two drop tank retaining hooks can bee seen in the rear.

Photo: Joachim Smith


wpe6.jpg (20827 bytes)

The starboard radiator from an unusual angle.

Of interest is also the mainwheel brake line and the tyre pattern, obviously difficult to reproduce on a scale model.

Photo: Joachim Smith


wpe1A.jpg (11648 bytes)

Closeup of the starboard hook where the trailing edge of the auxiliary fuel tank rested. The hooks ensured clean separation when the tank was dropped.

Photo: Joachim Smith

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