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Spitfire PR Mk XIX in detail


n by Joachim Smith

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wpe10.jpg (39909 bytes)

The cockpit interior looks much like any other Spitfire Mark, the most obvious exception being the natural metal camera control box replacing the gun sight. Note the padded backrest of the pilot’s seat.

Photo: Joachim Smith


wpe11.jpg (38473 bytes)

A closeup of the camera control box. Conspicuous by its absence, the magnetic compass had not yet been installed below the dashboard when this picture was taken in August of 1990.

Photo: Joachim Smith


wpeC.jpg (20627 bytes)

Note the extra fairing on the trailing edge of the sliding canopy and the internal support rod for the head armour. Mounted on the armour is a perspex tube, housing silica gel for removing moisture from the cabin pressurised air, which could otherwise cause misting.

Photo: Joachim Smith


wpeE.jpg (23058 bytes)

The clear perspex tube allowed for easy inspection of the silica gel crystals, which change colour when they become saturated with moisture and have to be replaced. Note the arrangement of the Sutton harness shoulder straps and the pressure bulkhead at far right. A glimpse can be seen of one of the three oxygen tubes behind the seat.

Photo: Joachim Smith


wpe19.jpg (21581 bytes)

This view from starboard shows the attachment clips of the silica gel tube and two of the three oxygen tubes behind the pilot’s back armour.

Photo: Joachim Smith


wpe18.jpg (22021 bytes)

Detail of the rear end of shoulder straps.

The stencilling on the oxygen tubes reads:

Photo: Joachim Smith

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