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Spitfire PR Mk XIX in detail

Airframe and camouflage

n by Joachim Smith

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wpe8.jpg (29998 bytes)

S31 PM627 resplendent in the Swedish AF Museum.

The massive engine cowling is a bit exaggerated by the wide angle lens, but the shape of the cylinder bank covers is shown to advantage.

Photo: Joachim Smith

wpe15.jpg (27353 bytes)

The actual shade of the PRU Blue paint work has caught some (unfounded) criticism, most likely as a result of the greenish floodlighting in the Museum, which tints the colour a murky greenish nuance, while the flashlight of this picture seems to make it rather too bluish. 

The subtleties of the wing radiator shape are quite well shown from this angle.

Photo: Joachim Smith


wpe1.jpg (12414 bytes)

This closeup, taken in ambient light, shows how tricky photographic reproduction of the PRU blue colour can be.

The curved windscreen, the whip antenna, the oblique camera port and the F11 wing griffon badge are shown to advantage.

Photo: Joachim Smith


wpe5.jpg (21037 bytes)

The F11 wing griffon badge is ’handed’, with the griffon always looking forward.

Note the subtle shape of the canopy and the smooth finish of the metalwork.

Photo: Joachim Smith



wpe2.jpg (22574 bytes)

The oblique camera port has an optically flat glass panel. There is no camera port on the starboard side.

Of note is also the cover over the canopy rail.

Photo: Joachim Smith


wpe3.jpg (19798 bytes)

This is what fabric covered surfaces look like in reality - no sag between the ribs and no sack weave pattern! The leather tail wheel oleo cover and the clear navigation light fairing are noteworthy.

PM627 has been given the number ’51’, since it is the 51st Spit in the Swedish AF inventory.

Photo: Joachim Smith

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