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If a picture says more than a thousand words...

...then certainly a color picture must be worth at least ten times more! This conclusion must have been made by many modellers and enthusiasts interested in World War 2 and pre-war period. The inherent problem of the research material is that most photographic evidence we have is black-and-white. This has lead to very much confusion, simplifications and erroneous conclusions in the past, as it is simply not possible to "read" colors with accuracy from a black-and-white photo.

What most researchers did and still do, is to analyze b-&-w material and then make some sort of qualified guess about what the actual color probably was, applying the general knowledge about the era, paint regulations, common camouflage schemes and so on.

A useful source of information is a handful of true color photographs the are left from the period. These give us much better information about the color of the subject. And, sadly enough, often prove how wrong we could be with our assumptions about color on b-&-w pictures!

World War II color picture gallery

A Story about LOU IV
A complete introduction to the subject of vintage color photographs!

Seeing is Believing: LOU IV Addendum
One more look at the LOU IV and some comments about military camouflage in general.

World War II British aircraft gallery
Spitfire, Hurricane, Mosquito, Wellington and others

World War II American aircraft gallery
Mustang, Helldiver and others. Still small but growing! Check also "new pictures".

World War II German aircraft gallery
Bf 109, Me 262, Ju 87, and more

World War II other Axis aircraft gallery
Italian, Japanese, Romanian aircraft


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