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Where to find references on Swedish aircraft

n Martin Waligorski

Many of our correspondents ask about references on Swedish military aircraft. Many questions concern SAAB aircraft types, construction details and paint schemes. IPMS Stockholm will in the future try to provide modellers and aviation enthusiasts with reference and articles on various subjects concerning Swedish Air Force and Swedish aircraft types.

Except for our site, there are surprisingly many Web sites devoted to similar subjects. To aid modellers and aviation enthusiasts interested in Swedish aircraft, we have put together this guide. It contains links to which will lead you to various web sites. If you want to get back here, use the back button of your browser.

This list is by no means complete. If you find other interesting resources on the web, please contribute them to us. We will be happy to add them here.

The document has been last updated in September 1999.

Guide to Swedish aviation and aircraft resources on the Web

  • Swedish military aviation page by Urban Fredriksson
    This web site is a true labor of love, featuring several hundred (!) photographs, general description of the aircraft types from 1926 to the present day as well as some truly in-depth articles - such as Would-be SAAB aircraft projects, or How Gripen could have looked! If you want a reference on anything concerning Swedish aircraft, don't miss this place, you might as well find all you need there. Urban has even a photo page of SAAB aircraft, published with the permission of SAAB themselves.
  • Seve Ungermark's For Your IQ
    This site features Seve's literary works and articles, many of them concerning aviation history in Sweden. Excellent texts, a wealth of detail, highly recommended. Seve Ungermark was for many years an aerospace correspondent in Sweden of both radio and television.
  • SAAB Photo Gallery
    This gallery is a part of official SAAB web site. The gallery features a number of beautiful professional pictures, which can be downloaded in high resolution. Aircraft featured are JAS 39 Gripen, J29 Tunnan and J37 Viggen.
  • SAAB Aircraft
    Another chapter of the official SAAB web site. The Aviation Enthusiast corner features a nice archive over SAABs historic aircraft, and the foto section is filled with pictures of contemporary SAAB airliners.
  • The Gripen
    The official SAAB/BAE site of the JAS 39 Gripen. Lots of goodies there, including high resolution photographs, description of Gripen's concept, technical specifications and news. The site even contains movies.
  • flygets.sida.nu
    Relatively new but well done site devoted to contemporary Swedish aero news, events and aircraft.
  • Marcus Aviation Pages
    This is a comprehensive site featuring Swedish aircraft history, descriptions, and photographs (som of them in high resolution). There is also a reference list of all fighters and trainer aircraft serving with Swedish AF, together with their Swedish designations, numbers, and period in service.
  • Urban's Scale Modelling Page
    Another work by Urban Fredriksson, this simple page contains a list ov available 1/72 scale kits of aircraft ised by the Swedish Air Force.
  • Finnish AF 21st Fighter Squadron
    This unit, currently equipped with F-18 Hornet, previously used SAAB J 35 Draken. The site features a comprehensive description of the type and a couple of photogharphs of Drakens on Finnish AF markings. More high-resolution photos are available in the download area.
  • The Project J29F
    This site is devoted to the restoration project of the last airworthy J29F Tunnan "Yellow Rudolf". Features some interesting pictures.
  • Flygvapnet genom tiderna
    This page, by Joakim Wahlman, contains technical data and information about Swedish produced jet aircraft from Tunnan to Gripen.
  • ftp.sunet.se
    Swedish University Network's picture archive contains, among other stuff, some nice photographs of Swedish aircraft.
  • Nisses Airbase Command
    Military aircraft page containing, among other types, some modern Swedish jet types. Technical data and pictures.
  • Swedish Armed Forces
    The official web site of Swedish Armed Forces (Försvaret) contains a chapter about SAF mission, structure, and locations. Naturally, more is written in Swedish than in English.
  • Supermarionation Special FX
    This page contains an interesting article about J 35 Draken model kits utilised in a classic Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds movie. See the Thunderbirds section.


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