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Urban's Colour Reference Charts
Part II

n by Urban Fredriksson & Martin Waligorski

   From the Editor 


Humbrol tinlet.gif (7756 bytes)This part two of Urban's Colour Reference Charts deals with model paints and colour conversion between different paint manufacturers.

The previously published Part One focuses on authentic military colours organized by country and time period. It also contains the general information, helpful hints, the description of FS 595 standard and it's use in modelling. It can be accessed through the link below. 

Colour Reference Charts - Part I

For clarity, the helpful information about using the charts has been included in both parts.


This section contains general information about these charts and helpful hints about using them.

Using the charts 
General help, notation convention, sources.

A Few Notes About Accuracy 
How accurate are these colour references? Is there an absolute reference? 

Using Model Paints 
Which type of paint should you use?

Model Colours by Paint Manufacturer

colour tables and conversion matches for model paints divided by manufacturer.

Aeromaster Enamels 
An enamel equivalent of Aeromaster's Warbird Acrylic Colours

airbrush.jpg (4751 bytes)Aeromaster Acrylics 
The now defunct Aeromaster company produced the Warbird Acrylic Colours line of authentic aircraft colour shades 

Airfix model paints are old news, but these numbers can still be found in Airfix kits up to the late 1970s

Gunze Sangyo Acrylics 
Gunze Sangyo Aqueous colours are still some of the finest acrylic airbrush paints.

Heller paints have been long-discontinued, but references can still be found in Heller kits from the 1960s-70s

Throughout Europe, Humbrol is still synonymous with "model paint".

Humbrol Authentic 
No longer available, the Humbrol Authentic line was designed to represent authentic historic military colours.

Polly S 
Best known by railroaders, Polly S has a solid range of quality acrylics

Revell Germany painting guides refer invariably to their own brand of  model enamels

Tamiya manufactures a very succesful range of fine acrylic model paints

Model Master FS Enamels 
Manufactured by Testors, these paints are especially well known in the US.

Marketed by Hannants, Xtracolor enamels are unique with their invariably glossy finish suitable for decals.

Miscellaneous Resources

Other useful charts

Humbrol Colour System Binder 
Humbrol's own quality blending recipes for the Super Enamel range

Colour Maps

The pages below show original colour maps as published by paint manufacturers.

Gunze Sangyo Aqueous 
The manufacturers' colour map for the Gunze Aqueous range

Gunze Sangyo Mr colour 
The manufacturers' colour map for the Mr colour range

Tamiya's own colour map for the  X and XF range

Model Master 
Manufacturers' colour map complete with colour samples and FS numbers


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